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A great WP guide from start to finish!

The confusion about pages and posts

For a beginner, WordPress is not piece of cake. The first confusion is about pages and posts. For instance, you always use pages for static content such as about us, contact page and more. You need to make use of a mixture as most WordPress websites do. So, if you are confused by pages and posts, WordPress HQ is a great guide from first to last!

A great guide to walk you through from start to finish

WordPress HQ will walk you through from start to finish. You are advised to read it from first to last to get the most out of it. The best part about WordPress HQ is that it walks the readers through each point step by step, making it easier to take each and everything in the mind and act accordingly.

Table of content

The table of content is designed to help you skip what you are already familiar with. Thus, you can easily skip the parts you are interested in and leave out that doesn’t attract you. That’ll probably be easier than reading a quite lengthy description.