Things One Should Know About Water Damages

Water damage is a very common problem with many home owners. Some of the common water damages include destruction of wooden and plywood materials and rusting of steel. You are suggested to hire a professional company to deal with this problem.

To solve any problem, you must know everything about the issue so that you can easily find the right solution. When you call any company to treat the water damage, you must tell them the type of water damage that has occurred.

If you are residing in New Jersey finding such companies is not too stressful. For water damage restoration New Jersey has a large sector of water damage treatment companies.

Types Of Water Damage

  • Clean water is the first category of water damage. As the name suggests, the water does not contain any contaminants and is originated via clean source like overflow from sink or bathing tub, breakage in water pipes or dis-functioning of appliances. It is very important to treat this damage as it could turn out to be a big problem if not handled early.
  • Gray water is originated when there is snowfall or rainfall and overflow from dish washer, washing machine or toilet. Gray water can make serious damage and need to be treated as quick as possible.
  • Black water is the most dangerous category. Black water emerges out from sewage, floods from the river. It needs to be treated as soon as possible as the contaminated water can cause serious damage.